Coffee & Tea

Something for Everyone

At Xtreme Bean Coffee, we offer a variety of coffee and tea items. We love what we do and it shows! We only carry the highest quality coffee and tea in our shop.
Tempe Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Cultivated and celebrated for millennia in Ethiopia, coffee beans are grown in exotic regions of Africa, Asia, and Central and South America, and enjoyed throughout the world. Now, Xtreme Bean Coffee offers beans from some of the best known coffee regions around the world, at fair-trade rates that support the thriving communities that grow them. Come see what we have to offer, and find the best beans to suit your taste.

Tempe Espresso


Nothing beats a true-brewed espresso beverage when it comes to awakening your senses and tantalizing your tastes. Xtreme Bean Coffee makes every espresso beverage with the highest quality beans available, served the right way to enhance its flavor, aroma, and stimulating effects. Not a fan of hard, black coffee? Try a latté, cappuccino, mocha, or Americano to smooth it out with milk, cream, sweetener, or water.

Tempe Decaf Coffee

Decaf Coffee

Coffee is delicious any time, but if sipped too late in the day, it can keep you up all night. Remedy this problem by trying one of our decaf blends later in the day to achieve your coffee fix without the long-lasting buzz of caffeine. They smell and taste just like our traditional blends, so don't be afraid to have as much as you want, even after three o'clock.

Tempe Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Try our delicious, energizing coffee in a cool new way. Our house-made iced coffee can be served on the rocks, or blended with cream, sugar, or your favorite shot of flavor. You're guaranteed to love it, or we'll make it for you again just the way you want it.

Tempe Black Tea

Black Tea

Black tea's easy preparation, varied flavor variety, and awakening buzz of caffeine all contribute to its popularity around the world. Now, you can enjoy our black tea in the comfort of your own home, or fresh-brewed here in our store. Choose from rich, deeply colored teas with a robust flavor, to softer, fragrant teas that fill the room with harmony.

Tempe Hot Tea

Hot Tea

Tea is so much more that flavored hot water. The cultivation, preparation, and consumption of tea in itself is a form of art, one that Xtreme Bean Coffee strives every day to carry on. From the widest selection of tea in Tempe from which you can choose, to our mastery of seeping and serving hot brews, we aim to please every customer who walks through our doors.

Tempe Iced Tea

Iced Tea

Imagine a warm summer's day, a peaceful view in quiet ambiance, and a tall glass of Xtreme Bean Coffee's iced tea. Satisfy your fantasy and quench your thirst, and pick up a cold, refreshing drink anytime. Have yours sweetened or unsweetened, and from any of our delicious flavor varieties.

Tempe Green Tea

Green Tea

For over four thousand years, green tea has been the beverage of choice in China, Japan, and many other cultures for generations. That's why we're proud to offer a variety of green tea options, plus the skill and expertise needed to demonstrate how to properly brew each one for the best flavor. All of our green teas also have incredible health benefits, so there's sure to be at least one to help with any condition that ails you.

Tempe White Tea

White Tea

Lightly caffeinated and delicate in aroma, white tea is an excellent alternative to the strong flavor of black tea, without the temperamental nature of green tea. If you crave white tea, or just want to give it a try, come and sample our collection in Tempe. We offer some of the finest white teas from the Far East, hand picked and perfect for any occasion.

Tempe Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is designed and meant to be re-seeped again and again, perfect for a long dinner with friends and family or a long day of tea sipping. For the best value on this artisan tea, there's no better place to come than Xtreme Bean Coffee in Tempe. Or selection of rich, soothing oolong teas with tastes that range from sweet and fruity to woody and savory.

Tempe Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea

While herbal teas are not "true teas" in the sense that they do not come from the camellia sinensis plant, they are still flavorful, healthy, soothing, and enjoyed around the world. Xtreme Bean Coffee's herbal tea selection is chosen based on the highest quality standards, selected specifically because they impress even tea masters like us. Have a sip of chamomile, wake up with cool mint, or brew a pot of fruit tea to share with friends and family.

Tempe Smoothies


Refreshing, delicious, and fun for all ages to drink, it's easy to see why our smoothies are so popular. Stop in today and try one for yourself! With classic flavors like strawberry-banana and peach-mango, to our own original creations, all made with real fruit purée, you'll find something you'll crave for sure.

Tempe Drinkware


Have your drink the way it was intended. Xtreme Bean Coffee's drinkware selection combine the latest technology, modern convenience, classic design, and traditional brewing methods. The result is a range of cups, kettles, trays, serving sets, and tools that make it easy to enjoy your favorite brew at home, with all the class that comes from our shop.